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Positives of Gas Car Bans

Banning gas cars has several positives:

  • Advancing Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Career
    MLG is on her final term as governor. After her blunder of a gun ban, MLG needs to impress special interest groups so she can secure her next high-paying job.
  • More New Mexicans Riding Bikes
    Electric vehicles are significantly more expensive than gas cars. Many New Mexicans will be unable to afford a new electric vehicle.
  • Slower Lifestyles
    Unlike gas cars than can be filled up in less than 2 minutes, electric vehicles have short range and slow charge times. With all this extra time waiting, New Mexicans will have the opportunity to take a deep breath and slow down a bit.
  • Dependence on China
    Transitioning to electric vehicles will make the United States more dependent on the Chinese Communist Party for rare earth minerals.